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Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter
Adoption Search Animals available for adoption.
Stray Search Lost or stray animals brought to the shelter.
Lost Pet Reports Pets reported lost or missing.
Found Animal Reports Animals reported found.

Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter
12471 Taylor Complex Lane
Hanover, VA 23005
Office: (804) 365-6485
Fax: (804) 365-6488

Shelter Hours
  Monday   10am - 4:30pm  
  Tuesday   10am - 4:30pm  
  Wednesday   10am - 4:30pm  
  Thursday   10am - 4:30pm  
  Friday   10am - 4:30pm  
  Saturday   10am - 3:30pm  
  Sunday   Closed  
Adoption Fees
$ 25.00 + sterilization/vaccination fees where applicable

Any cat over the age of 4 months must receive a rabies vaccine.  Any dog over the age of 4 months must receive a rabies vaccine & obtain a dog license. The adoption paperwork and interview process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please arrive at the shelter early enough to spend some time with the animal and complete the adoption process. Hanover County Animal Control and Shelter reserves the right to deny adoption to anyone at any time for any reason. In order to do what is best for each animal, they are adopted on a first come first served basis to qualified recipients only. A driver’s license or state ID must be shown at the shelter.
Reclaim Fees
Impound Fee   $ 25.00
Boarding Charge   $ 5.00

If you find your pet on these search pages, call to notify the shelter immediately and then come in to confirm identification. Stray pets will be held for 10 days. Owners will also be responsible for paying a boarding fee of $5.00 per day in addition to a $25.00 administrative fee. If not claimed by their owner in that time, they will be made available for adoption. You must show proof of a current rabies vaccine and also a current county dog license to claim your dog.

If Your Pet is Lost or Missing:

  • Search online to see if we have found your pet.
        Search on stray and found pets.

  • Call the Animal Control Office to file a missing pet report

If a pet is picked up by Animal Control and has identification (license, rabies, and/or microchip number) on it, the pet owner is called as soon as possible to let them know their pet has been located.

Dog licenses All dogs 4 months old or older are required to display a current annual county license.
Hanover County sells a lifetime dog license, which are valid for the life of the dog as long as the rabies vaccination remains current. The price for a lifetime license is $10.00.

In order to purchase a license, an owner must meet the following requirements:

  • Present a renewal / notification letter or complete an Individual Pet Tag Application (PDF)
  • Present proof of a current rabies certificate for the dog that is valid through the date of purchase

Licenses can be newly purchased or renewed by following methods:

  • Online License Purchase

  • Click here to purchase license online.

  • Mail

  • To mail your applications, renewal notices, and rabies notification letters, send it to the following address:
    Treasurer Hanover County
    P.O. Box 200
    Hanover, VA 23069

  • In Person

  • You may purchase a dog/kennel license in person at the following locations:
    • Ashcake Animal Clinic, 804-550-2458
    • Ashland Veterinary Hospital, 804-798-8169
    • Atlee Library, 804-559-0654
    • Bell Creek Veterinary Hospital, 804-730-8545
    • Chenault Veterinary Hospital, 804-537-5434
    • Fin & Feather, 804-798-2228
    • Goodway Store, 804-883-5259
    • Hanover County Animal Control, 804-365-6485
    • Hanover County Treasurer’s Office, 804-365-6050
    • Mechanicsville Animal Hospital, 804-559-9800
    • Montpelier Animal Hospital, 804-883-5511
    • Rutland Animal Hospital, 804-559-6502

    Monetary donations for the Hanover Animal Shelter can be sent to Hanover County Animal Control, P.O. Box 470, Hanover, VA 23069. Please make checks payable to Hanover County Animal Control. All other donations may be dropped off at the shelter at 12471 Taylor Complex Lane, Ashland, VA 23005.

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